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Net Worth It

Thank you so much for your interest in the Chayil Mastermind.

This program, if you’re admitted, will change you and your business beyond recognition.

The Chayil Mastermind will put you in a position of power in your business, life, and with God.

This is our guarantee.

Spiritual Mentorship + Business Foundation + Team to Implement + Community of believers = Chayil Mastermind

Determining the next place to invest can be overwhelming, scary and worrisome that you will once again "waste" your money. We know this because we have been there. We do not take this lightly that you may be feeling this way and we are here to change that.

Let me ask you. Do you struggle with these?

Lack of confidence in you or your business model

Generating consistent revenue and eyeballs on your content

Capacity to get it all done or business overtaking

your life

Loneliness and lack of faith based, business minded friends

in your life

  • We get your vision back to God centered reality. We help you learn to rest, receive and hear from the Holy Spirit for your business.
  • We help you re-do and undo methods that do not work in business. By now you have hired separate coaches for different problems but putting the whole puzzle together takes a team of skilled business experts.
  • We create a business you love to show up for. Sometimes this means new products or a whole new model.
  • We teach you how to hire a team of unpaid interns to execute marketing, sales, copywriting, public relations, community management.
  • Our experts hold advanced degrees and training in all areas of business and pastorship. We are the real deal. You will not leave the same person or with the same business. You will have the highest level of constructive accountability.
  • You will be pushed & challenged — perhaps more than you ever have before on 1:1 calls with us. This Mastermind is not for you if you aren't willing to put in serious change work. While the tasks themselves may only take 1-2 hours a day, we will not let you stay stuck in your thinking or patterns.
  • You will be unable to "fly under the radar" — we will insist you stay engaged and plugged in — so you can actually get the results we guarantee - and that requires a solid combination of hard work (on your end) and proven business strategies (on our end).
  • Our current Mastermind students have seen some incredible results. Want proof? Check out our video below.

The Chayil Mastermind method

Group of Different Women Praying Together

Sound like what your soul and business craves?

Yeah, us too.

Is this for you?

If we're going to be working closely together and I’m going to be your mentor, your guide, and your coach, my SOLE INTENTION is to call out the powerful business owner in you and call you HIGHER and have a completely new life and business.

1. We are looking for female business owners who believe they should be wealthy, successful women — and who will use that money to make a positive impact.

2. We are looking for down-to-earth business owners who aren’t afraid of becoming brave, trying new methods and also love the idea of slowing down to speed up, who love to travel and explore.

3. We are looking for givers — women who are willing to share what’s working in their business so we can all grow.

4. We are looking for women who have a kingdom mindset. In some way, shape or form, you must help solve a problem in the marketplace.

We are NOT looking for:

1. People who aren't ready to surrender their business to God. Letting go of control is a critical part of receiving new perspectives.

2. People who like to stay stuck or who are unwilling to take our suggestions and try them.

3. People who believe there is a "secret" to success. There’s no secret. It’s just a lot of proven business strategies, implemented well with Holy Spirit fire behind it.

What you invest:


Payment Option:

Option 1 Pay in Full: $8,600 (Save $300!)

Option 2 Payment Plan: Downpayment $1,497 + 10 payments of $740

Option 3 Payment Plan: Downpayment: $4,997 + 10 payments of $390

*Option 2 is perfect for people who need to offset 2022 income for their taxes

What you receive:

Program dates: Jan 15, 2023 - October 15, 2023

  • 10 months of Business Coaching Calls and 4 sessions of tech set up + support with our founder, Gretchen Heinen IG: @gretchen_heinen plus unlimited M-F Voxer support $9,000 value
  • 5 months of Spiritual Coach Calls with our Pastor, Leah Moore IG: @gracepromises5 plus weekly accountability check in Voxer Support $2,500 value
  • Our highly sought after Intern Program Guide to scale your business without increasing your budget using a team of unpaid college interns: $20,000 value

Total value: $31,500

What is the investment and ROI?

" Chayil" comes from the Hebrew word in Proverbs 31:10.

It means warrior, wealth, wisdom.

Our prayer is you overcome in these areas.

This is high-level.

High-level investment.

High-level commitment.

High-level results.

High-level money.

You will be a powerful business owner — running a business that is flourishing beyond anything you could have imagined.

If you would like to be considered to be a member in this Chayil Mastermind Experience, fill out this short application form.

From the entire team here at Team Net Worth It, we want to say "Shalom", peace be with you.

We are on the other side...getting ready to help you change your life.


Gretchen & Team